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Trademark Law

We work with our clients in developing strong and enforceable brands. From deciding on trademark text and slogans to the design of associated logo artwork, licensing, policing and enforcement …"we got you." We are involved advising our clients at all stages; whenever our clients desire our input.

Patent Law

You’ve just invented the best thing since sliced bread. You’re creating a new business around this invention. And your new business is your baby. Intellectual property is its lifeblood. So protect it. You need a lawyer who is willing to take the time to understand you, your invention and all that goes into your creative processes. Someone who can fully understand and explain your innovations. Someone who will also explain to you how the intellectual property laws affect you and your business. You’ve come to the right place.

Copyright Law

You’ve had the dream. You’ve awakened to the work of making the dream a reality. But, what now? Copyright law protects creative expression. We help our clients understand the scope of protection afforded by the law and erect effective and efficient walls of protection around their creative work so that others don’t simply swoop in and take it away.

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Our Trademark Services Include:

Trademark Clearances; Drafting and Prosecuting Federal Applications; International Registrations; Licensing; Policing; Opposition Proceedings; Cancellation Proceedings; Enforcement Strategy;  Federal Court Litigation and Resolution Strategy.

Our Copyright Services Include

Registration; Licensing; Enforcement Strategy and Litigation.

Our Patent Services Include:

Patentability Opinions; Infringement Opinions; Drafting and Prosecuting Patent Applications; Licensing; Enforcement Strategy and Litigation.